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SERVIQ Energy Services Limited is a steel fabrication & energy services company. We have a team of qualified, highly experienced professionals that can deliver excellently on construction projects for a wide variety of buildings such as: warehouses, airport hangers, factories, churches, commercial and residential spaces with Structural Steel fabrication design & erection to the civil construction in the Oil & Gas Industries, development and manufacturing of various semi-trailers, rigid truck bodies.

We prioritize the needs of all our clients and ensure that we deliver excellent products & services on all our projects. We have powerful project delivery systems and the depth of resources to provide excellent services to you.

We continuously seek innovative means to improve our processes and increase our capabilities. Our strategy is to deliver safe, top quality products/services, on-time and in line with global standards. We are committed to partnerships that increase local content development, the transfer of knowledge and technology.

Today SERVIQ Energy Services has grown, we also offer services to the Oil & Gas industries starting from design and detailed engineering to procurement, fabrication, construction and erection of heavy structural steel buildings, platforms, bulk storage tanks, and fire prevention/fighting engineering. We deliver our projects with the best in class products & materials in line with the latest metal industry technology and standards.

At SERVIQ Energy, we partner with our clients for optimum results; our solutions are designed to enhance your operations. We work closely with you to customize solutions for your needs, whilst aligning with your schedule and ROI expectations. We are committed to delivering tremendous value on every single project. Our team is fantastic; this is the secret to our ongoing success. Our people have the relevant skills to proffer solutions to your problems.

Over the years, SERVIQ Energy has diversified into renewable energy, we have developed our capabilities for the design and construction of On/Off grid power stations, the installation of solar systems, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and solar street lights electrification projects.

Safety comes FIRST! We have built high regards for safety, prevention of injuries and fatalities into our everyday work culture. Our HSE program aims at ensuring the safety, security & health of our work teams and everyone impacted by our projects. We work to greatly minimize the negative impact of our projects on the environment; appropriate safety measures are put in place before, during & after any work while we strictly adhere to our Health, Safety & Environment Policies.

Our HSE culture is hinged on top management commitment to the health, safety and responsible protection of the environment, safety awareness & training.

SERVIQ employees receive extensive training and safety awareness regularly on how to perform their duties safely, properly and in compliance with applicable local regulations and international standards.

SERVIQ Energy is committed to ensuring that its quality management systems conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. SERVIQ Energy follows strict technical operational procedures that conform to global standards, our team comprises qualified, highly trained technical professionals. Our sourced materials & equipment are best in class from trusted brands.

Beyond our attractive rates, our unique selling proposition is our ability to deliver great quality products & services. We are always available to serve you intelligently [Serve – IQ]!


Our Vision

To become Africa’s top choice for excellent products and service delivery.


Our Mission

To provide superior solutions that; exceed clients’ expectations, make our employees proud, and provide long term returns to our investors.


Our Core Values

  • Service to others: your needs come first.
  • Passion: We are enthusiastic about what we do.
  • Respect for others: We have due regards for the feeling and wishes of others
  • Integrity: We have strong moral principles.
  • Team work: We collaborate to achieve a common aim.
  • Excellence: We always strive to be extremely good; we love brilliance!

core values

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We have a team of qualified, highly experienced professionals that can deliver excellently on construction projects and provide energy services to the oil & gas industries.


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