Want to join the SERVIQ Team?

At SERVIQ we understand that our strength is in our people. Our team is comprised of young, intelligent, determined and hardworking people with backgrounds covering a range of disciplines. We believe that our level of professionalism and commitment to exceeding clients’ expectations have been our secret to becoming one of the fastest growing energy servicing companies in and around Nigeria.

We always seek top, bright and extremely talented individuals to join our team. We are open to new ideas and ways of solving problems and maintain a work environment that allows for creativity. We provide our talents with the needed training and support to reach great career heights.

Why Join SERVIQ?

We have strong work ethics, high levels of employee engagement and a great work environment.
We are committed to career development and training.
We have a strong culture and a positive structure that promotes growth.
We are committed to ensuring a good balance between work and life.

Application Process

If you are interested in joining SERVIQ, kindly apply for existing vacancies or submit your CV for consideration by completing the form below.



    Do you have a steel fabrication or energy services project?

    We have a team of qualified, highly experienced professionals that can deliver excellently on construction projects and provide energy services to the oil & gas industries.


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